Integrated Wrist Temperature Screening System

Rp 38,500,000

Indent 2-4 Minggu

SKU: 5003002

CW180 can realize the function of rapid temperature screening in airports, ports, high-speed railway stations, passenger transport stations, government buildings, financial institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, high-end office buildings, large industrial parks and other places with large staff turnover to effectively avoid cross-infection.

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Product Code 9A03-01-01-380
Product Name Integrated Wrist Temperature Screening System
Brand UNV
Weight 5 Kg (5000 Gram)
Depth 352.4 mm (35.24 cm)
Width 49.2 mm (4.92 cm)
Height 206.7 mm (20.67 cm)
Categories Electronic Security,CCTV,
Warranty 1 Tahun


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