Gate Valve 10 inch OS&Y FxF

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SKU: 3G01-VLV-14-071

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The Tyco Resilient Seated Gate Valves feature a lightweight ductile iron body that weighs
less than conventional cast iron valves, which allows for easier handling on site and
reduces shipping costs.

A fully encapsulated EPDM ductile iron wedge is intended to achieve bubble-tight sealing.
Components that are not designed to be inherently corrosion resistant are coated with
a thermally applied fusion-bonded epoxy.

Complete range of end connections includes flange-by-flange, flange-by-groove and
groove-by-groove configurations from 2” to 12”. The flange-by-flange model features
tapping boss locations, which allow for easier, faster connection of additional components
like a gauge or pressure switch, while also providing a system draining method that can
help simplify maintenance.

Additionally, the OS&Y Gate Valve incorporates a unique design feature that provides a
backup sealing device for the O-ring stem. This can be activated with the valve under full
working pressure in the unlikely event of future leakage past the primary seals.


Product Code 3G01-VLV-14-071
Product Name Gate Valve 10 Inch OS&Y FxF
Brand Tyco
Weight 120 Kg (120000 Gram)
Depth 330 mm (33.00 cm)
Width 275 mm (27.50 cm)
Height 1175 mm (117.50 cm)
Categories Year End Clearance Sale 2021,Fire Fighting System,Fire Fighting System,
Warranty 1 year


UL Listed and FM Approved to help ensure dependability

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